Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Plants on the Bed

It has been raining all day over the weekend so nothing much can be done outside. It was a very lazy weekend for me. I planned to change the water in the tank but decided later that it is not necessary. The fish, despite all the symptoms, are still swimming happily with no sign of dying. So I figured, if they are happy I should leave them alone... at least if they die, they die in happiness....yes.

The seeds, well only the cucumber sprouted. The parsley seeds just rot in the pot so I threw it away. The cucumber is growing very fast. For a first few days there was like nothing happening and then suddenly one morning there was 2 inches of sprout already in the pot. The next day it double the length and by Saturday, got to 6 inches. So I moved it all including the pot into the grow bed. I don't want to the disturb the new roots so until it established itself with many more leaves I will leave it in the pot.

The fish is used to the new diet now. However since the pellet size is smaller than the previous one, they need to eat more so the food is depleting pretty fast. I notice some changes in the plants. The chilli I got  from a project by my wife's student a few weeks back now has slowly change its colour to green. It was yellow before and doesn't look it is going to live. So, positive result after changing the fish's diet so far. Hopefully this is not just a placebo effect....further observation will be done until I am satisfied that the food is actually playing a role here.

And finally, my wife bought a bunch of Selom (Water Dropwort/ Water Parsley) from the wet market. It was pretty hard to get it so I'm very happy. After sorting I managed to get a few cutting which already have some roots. I planted it around the mint bush. Hopefully it will grow well and provide us with endless supply of fresh leafy goodness.

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