Sunday, 6 January 2013

Another Death

Last Thursday my wife called me as I was about to leave my office around 6.15pm. She told me one of the fish is dead. "A white fish" as she told me so I thought it must be of of those tilapia. When I got home my son already fished it out of the tank, it has been discoloured and dry a bit and does look like a tilapia. On closer inspection I found the mouth does not look like a tilapia and there is a yellow spot on the snout. I don't recall any of my tilapia has yellow spot there. It was dark so I just checked the tank for any more dead fish as well as any thing unusual or out of place. All seems find so I dismissed the case as another "normal" death.

Saturday morning I did a head count on the fish and found 8 tilapias still swimming happily. Well the dead fish is not a tilapia after all. It was one of my Koi. The dead one is the golden white Koi. Cause of death is still unknown. Will look for replacement Koi as this fish add colours to the tank.

In another uninteresting news, the seeds I sown haven't show any positive result, yet. I will try another plant this weekend if the condition were not improved.

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