Sunday, 3 March 2013

I'm Back

Hello again peeps! I'm sorry for not updating for so long. The company I worked with just gone bust so I was busy closing my work as well as worrying what I'm going to do next. For now, I'm all free with nothing to do all day so I'll start updating my progress on here again.

6 weeks isn't it? yup just over 6 weeks...a very long time in aquaponics. Take a look at what my growbed has turned into...

This was actually after a few harvests of the mint. I also harvested the Selom for the first time yesterday. Here is the Selom trying to fight its way in the mint bush..

On the other side of the growbed, the Selom is marking its territory.

The cucumber however prefers to grow away from home, getting as much sunlight as it could. I'm using dried coconut leaves as a trellis for it to hang on to.

Best of all, it is flowering...a lot!

When growing sideways is just not the way, noticed the cucumber refused to grow on the wooden part to the table? This is because the wood is treated with chemicals, so no matter how I tried to make it hang on to it, it will always find another way to grow.

The Ulam Raja seeds and Bird's Eye chilli seeds are sprouting. I will remove some of it to give more growing space.

The Red Chilli however is not doing well. This picture was taken over a month ago after a not-so-torrential rain. It got flatten because the hydroton can't provide enough counter weight at the root. So, I tied a string to it for support. The leaves are all huge but showing deficiency. The only plant in the bed that didn't get enough nutrient, heavy feeder this. Even the cucumber, which has leaves three times the size of the chilli's didn't show nutrient deficiency.

It is also got seriously attacked by aphids especially on the flower buds. Luckily there is a colony of ants living in the growbed helping me to control the pest. Now it is almost aphids free so here we can see the buds are out again

Some of the fish showing symptoms of bacterial infection on their skin. Since almost half of the fish have the symptoms, I decided to get an aquarium and transfer the sick ones into it. This picture was taken after a week. The fish eat less but they are showing signs of recovery. I will keep them in there for another few weeks.

I also changed 2/3 of the water in tank. As for the fish in the tank, one tilapia and one Kelah is dead. The tilapia was dead before the water change probably due to the infection and the Kelah died after. I think it was stressed out from the process as well as missing its friend because I moved one into the aquarium. Should have moved both....

Below is the Passion Fruit I planted on the ground by the fence. We are having renovation so I moved it into the pot.

I just can't wait for this renovation work to finish. I can already imagine a new aquaponics project here...

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