Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Shade

I spent the whole Saturday afternoon building the shade for my grow bed. When I built the table for my grow bed, I forgot to factor in the importance of the shade. So I need to modify the table a bit for attaching the shade's post. As you can see, the blue fish tank that I used as a grow bed is smaller at the bottom and wider at the top. The table top size is similar to the bottom of the grow bed, thus I can't attach the post as the top part of the grow bed is in the way.

Luckily I have some 2x4 wood leftovers from the table so I attached it to the side of the table to get the 'extrusion' needed for the post to clear the grow bed's top. I let the shade to have and extra overhang to the front and the back to provide extra protection during the sun is low on the horizon. I'm quite satisfied with the outcome.

Here is the picture if you stand in front of it.

I finished around 7pm and my wife took the picture. It was actually dark. So the next morning I just can't wait to enjoy the view, after all my fingers and toes are accounted for, with the whole body aching from building this thing, I snapped below picture. Look at the morning dew on the leaves, amazing.

I also found a wild tekukur (Spotted Dove) has made a nest on one of the palm tree leaves that I planted at the side of my house. This is not the first time the tekukur nesting there. Maybe I should build a bird bath for them.

So what's up next?

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