Friday, 28 September 2012

The Cost

Ok as promised, here are the costs of things. Some other things like screws, glue etc that I didn't mentioned here means I already have them from previous projects (of some sort...)

1) 2x4 wood - RM25/8ft used 2 = RM50
2) 1x2 wood - RM7.20/8ft used 3 = RM21.60

Grow Bed
1) Blue 36" x 30" x 10" fish tank - RM55 from aquarium shop
2) Thumb size pebbles (and smaller mixed) - RM20/bag used 8 = RM160 from landscaping shop
3) Piping (elbows, different size pipes, etc) - RM50 from hardware shop
        note: you might want to refer to Affnan on what kind of materials you need for the syphon.

Fish Tank
1) 80 gallon black poly tank - RM130
2) Astro 2000 water pump - RM55 (I found cheaper somewhere else - happened every time when you already bought something!)
3) Electrical conduit and elbows (to make as frame for the cover) - RM10
4) Black 70% shade - RM3.50/ meter used 1 meter = RM3.50

1) Junction box - RM15
2) 2 gang 3 pin socket with base - RM15
3) Electrical conduit - RM10

What else? I think that is it. So total damage is RM600 there about because I didn't put the cost of fish in there. If you already have tools, this is what you should be looking at if you want to build this kind of setup.

I also found that using LECA as medium could reduce your cost if you know where to look, plus your grow bed can be a lot lighter. Those pebble bags weight about 18kg each so do you math on how heavy my grow bed is! Next up, my tank cover modification so stay tune...


  1. Hi Khafif, thank you for the information.

    Could you share the aquarium shop address where you bought the fish tank for RM55?

    Much appreciated

  2. I bought it in Batu Pahat. Are you from around here?