Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Is it two month already?

Yes. How time flies. I was so busy with work last week to even do anything on my system...other than feeding the fish. It was raining in the evening till night all week long. The monsoon season is finaly here. Monsoon means none stop torential rain like the in the Forest Gump.
Anyway. Saturday morning was sunny so I fed my fish like the usual. I noticed my red tailed patin is swimming alone. There are two of them and they normally swim together. I checked the tank, the pump, ever nooks and cranies can't see any dead fish. I thought they escaped through the overflow hole so I cut a little piece of stainless steel net I have in my store room and jammed it down the hole. Done. But wait. What is that white thingy between the rocks? See for yourself. Devastated really to find only bones left. I have no idea when it died. The rain might probably save the others from ammonia poisoning. Lucky.
Further checking only to find another tilapia is missing. Probably dead too. One of those smaller ones. So total fish dead to date is three. 16 fish left.
System update at 2 month. Algae seems to be under control. The fish really like them. Water does not smell thanks to the rain. The kesum I replanted last week is doing well. The same goes to pak choy. Their growth rate was amazing as compared to the first batch of pak choy. Sign of grow bed matured maybe? And their leaves are green too! I found something is eating the kesum and pak choy leaves. I caught the bugger ref handed the next day. Now he is fish food...
Looking at the system, I regained confident and sown a few ocra and cucumber seeds directly in the grow bed. I also sown kailan in my seeding pots as their seeds are too small. All seeds courtesy of my mom.

Update 14/11/12: Wow I really have to proof read before posting using my blogger app. Even the pictures are tilted :p...

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